A Mackinac Island Winter Vacation

A Mackinac Island Winter Vacation

Mackinac Island Winter Vacation collage

Is Pure Heaven!

A Mackinac Island winter vacation is a perfect winter get-away if you are looking to enjoy the outdoors and just have quiet time with a special person, family or friends. There are no distractions from the busy shops along Main Street or the noisy throngs of tourists that come early each day during the busy spring and summer season. It’s just pure winter-wonderland heavenly!

Mackinac Island winter scene of bikes in the snow

What there is time to do is to enjoy the great outdoors.

You can go
snowmobiling (an added adventure is bringing your machine over on the ferry or using the Ice Bridge).

If you want to read more about the
Ice Bridge that forms between St. Ignace and the Island click here.

In St. Ignace the biggest winter event is
the UP Pond Hockey tournament
that’s held in mid-February on frozen Moran Bay. If the Ice Bridge is formed it’s great fun to go zipping across to Mackinac Island after watching or being in this fun event.

UP Pond Hockey is held in St. Ignace in mid-February.

Snow Sailing is a new event held in St. Ignace…

Click here to read about this exciting new Winter event…it’s internationally known and great fun!

Cross country skiing is a perfect winter activity for Mackinac Island fun.

Or, just take a hike up to Fort Holmes for a winter time picnic. From Fort Holmes the views across the Straits of Mackinac high up on the bluff in the winter are incredible. Stop at Doud’s Market towards the Fort to pick up winter picnic supplies!

Be sure to take books and magazines to read or head to the beautiful and quaint Mackinac Island Public Library which is open year round.

Click here and learn more about
Mackinac Island open year round!

Insider Tip:

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Mackinac Island winter vacation click here.
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the top 3 northern Michigan skiing resorts click here.

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