Your Michigan Fall Color Tours

Your Michigan Fall Color Tours

Northern Michigan fall color tours

There are so many Michigan fall color tours to choose from but make sure your tour ends at Romantic Mackinac Island. A northern Michigan fall vacation is the way to go for a romantic get-away with a special someone in your life.

Should Lead You To
Romantic Mackinac Island

The brilliant colorful reds to scrumptious golden oranges and, of course, a touch of northern green are all tantalizing you to find a quiet and intimate place like Mackinac Island to end your magnificent northern fall color trip.

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There are so many wonderful quaint towns and villages with winding roads to travel on while heading to Mackinac Island with colorful vistas surrounding you and your loved one.

And to end at Mackinac Island is a romantic fall vacation you won’t ever forget!

The Tunnel of Trees tour from Harbor Springs
is a glorious ride in the fall or all year.
Michigan fall color tours Pictured Rocks

Imagine boarding a ferry to whisk you across the Straits of Mackinac while seeing the magnificent Mackinac Bridge and the reds and oranges of either St. Ignace or Mackinaw City in the distance. And then having a horse drawn carriage to take you to your intimate
quaint B & B

(that Marcia and Kathy recommend),
or one of the top 5 Hotels
(that Marcia and Kathy absolutely love),
or the magificent 5 Star Grand Hotel
is quite a remarkable way to begin your Mackinac Island celebration of either an anniversary, a birthday or just to say, “I love you!”

Mackinac Island in the Fall is For Lovers!

At this time of year most tourists with families are gone and the island is quiet with the season ending on the last weekend in October. There are so many activities to enjoy such as golfing, hiking, riding bikes or enjoying the many fall special sales in the shops!

Be sure to ask your lodging for any “special fall rates” that they are having during this Michigan fall color tours time of year!

So, choose Mackinac Island to be your final destination on your romantic Michigan fall color tours vacation.

Enjoy the following video to see the beauty of the incredible choices for

for your romantic fall get-away!

Insider Tip: The falls days can be quite warm even with temperatures in the 60s and the evenings can be quite cool – northern Michiganders believe it’s due to our clean air! Wear layers to be comfortable. A 2nd Insider Tip is to check out
the ferry line schedules for there aren’t as many as in the summer months!

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