Exploring Ojibwa Culture

Exploring Ojibwa Culture

Ojibwa Mackinac Island Insider Tips

in St. Ignace, Michigan on
Your Mackinac Island Vacation

Understanding and exploring the Ojibwa culture should be part of the
Mackinac Island experience.

One of the best ways to explore some of the
history of the Straits of Mackinac is by visiting the Marquette Mission
Park and exploring the Museum of the Ojibwa culture in
St. Ignace, Michigan.
It’s a short 15 minute ferry ride.

Shepler’s is a short walk and Star
Line Ferry is right across the street from this small but important

Located at 500 N. State Street, this wonderful place pays tribute to
what was once and still is a great nation of people.

It is here that you
can take a step back in time and learn about the
first settlers; and experience for yourself a little of what their lives and the Ojibwa society was like.

Ojibwa Family

Learn about the importance of family to the Ojibwa and
how each member contributed to the rich life they all shared.

inside a miniature of the longhouses once built by the Huron and
experience for yourself what living in a sapling and bark house must
have been like.

Museum of Ojibwa Culture St Ignace Michigan

Imagine the stories that were told on those long cold winter nights,
and the excitement a young Ojibwa boy felt going on his first hunt.

Learn how despite the seemingly endless work each family needed to do in
order to survive they still made time for fun.

Parents can help their children by asking them to compare their family
to the lives of these families to discover the many things both share in
common despite the passing of the centuries.

Museum of Ojibwa Culture St Ignace Michigan

Discover why the Ojibwa are considered semi-nomadic people and how each
season brought new tasks that needed to be done to insure their
survival. Learn about their seasonal movements.

Discover how life was
different at their spring camp from what they did at their winter camp.
Learn about the animals they hunted, the types of fish they caught and
the wild plants they cultivated in order to survive the harsh Northern
Michigan winters.

Lake Huron at dusk Mackinac Island

You will be amazed to see for yourself how these people, once
considered savages by the Europeans who arrived on Michigan’s shores, were actually a great society.

They had their own Ojibwa culture complete with

  • their own religion,
  • and their own birch bark writing paper to make maps, recall events and record their legends.

Experience all these things and more at the Museum of Ojibwa culture.

About The Museum Itself

The Museum of Ojibwa Culture is a combination inside and outside museum
and the oldest documented Archaeological site in Michigan. It is open
for the summer season during the hours of 9 to 6. There is no actual
admission charge, but the museum does ask for donations to keep this
special place up and running.

Suggested Museum donations are only $2.00 per adult and a $1.00 per school age child or entire family donation of $5.00.

Museum of Ojibwa Culture St Ignace Michigan

The gift shop is a must see. It is filled with books, music, and
crafts all about the Ojibwa way of life and many authentic crafts
created by Ojibwa artists.

If you would like to learn more about
Ojibwa culture click on this link.

Make a Day of It!

While visiting the Museum of the Ojibwa Culture in St. Ignace why not make an entire day of it and take in the
Father Marquette
park as well. Then take a stroll around historic St. Ignace itself,
Michigan’s third oldest town. There is plenty to see and do including
some magnificent sights of the Mackinac Bridge and the Straits of

Insider Tip: The Driftwood Restaurant just next
door to the museum has some of the best white fish and other delightful
yummy items on the menu! Or if you want to go for a short walk head to
Java Joe’s and enjoy the “fun and light-hearted” ambience and food! Some
people make their “fudge sundae” a whole meal!!

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