Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Seen on Mackinac Island Are Spectacular!

The Northern Lights, or aka aurora borealis , are showing up in the evening sky causing many people to search for them over beautiful Mackinac Island these past few weeks. In fact, a few days ago while having a dinner party Kathy and her guests thought they were seeing “heat lightning” in the sky…but the next morning news explained that they had actually been seeing the exquisite Aurora borealis.

What causes them is when the sun gives off electrically charged particles due to solar flares. The Earth’s magnetic poles become a magnet which causes these particles to the Earth’s polar regions. People in Canada as well as northern Michigan have a great shot in seeing these spectacular light shows!

Northern Lights, Explained: What They Are and How to See Them

The good news is that in the next few days there is another plasma cloud on the way which produces the electrical charged particles…so keep your eyes focused in the sky for you might be lucky to see something most people “down state” don’t get to see

Check out these great shots of the Northern Lights that Xmatic up on the Keweenaw Peninsula got…absolutely beautiful!

A Meteor Show Is On the Way!

Meteor Showers - How to See Them

Insider Tip: If you are a star gazer be ready to see the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower on August 12. Climb up to Fort Holmes to see this “real life lazer” show.

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