Michigan State Parks Extravaganza

Michigan State Parks Extravaganza

A Magical Mixture of Natural Beauty and History on Display For All To Enjoy!

The Michigan State Parks in the
Straits of Mackinac
are the perfect vacation spot for families who enjoy the outdoors and exploring our nation’s history.

With six living history museums and nature parks in the scenic

Straits of Mackinac
area your family can enjoy a fun-filled vacation whether it is for a
few days or a few weeks. There’s so much to do you will find that you
must come back year after year to see it all! A great plus is that all
six are located only a few miles away from each other. Your family will
have a new place to visit each day during your vacation.

If you love the great outdoors with scenic views of large bodies of
water the Michigan State Parks in the Straits area should be your top
pick for your family’s next vacation. Serene natural forests, Lake
Huron, Lake Michigan, the Straits of Mackinac and countless inland lakes
are all readily accessible.

In addition to the extensive
camping facilities
there are many choices of lodging from locally owned motels, quaint bed and breakfasts and national chain hotels.

Of particular note is the nationally renowned Mackinac Island
State Park. The Park was originally established in 1875 as the Mackinac
National Park, the second United States National Park after Yellowstone.
After transfer of the park lands to the State of Michigan, the Mackinac
Island State Park became Michigan’s first State Park in 1895.

There many fascinating points of interest on Mackinac Island!

  • Historic Fort Mackinac was built in 1780 by the British Army
  • Historic Downtown Mackinac Island with a variety of marvelous shops, hotels and restaurants
  • Mackinac Island State Park with miles of unmatched hiking trails and natural attractions.
  • Michigan’s Governor Summer Residence
    gives tours every Wednesday morning.
  • Fort Holmes
    – the highest point on the Island.

And in
Mackinaw City be sure to catch these exciting places with something of interest for everyone in the family:

  • Colonial Michlimackinac,
    founded by the French in 1763 to protect the growing fur trade in the upper Great Lakes
  • Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse located at the foot of the Mackinac Bridge
  • Historic Mill Creek
    Discovery Park with a working colonial era lumber mill and several nature trails and attractions specifically for families.

Insider Tip: Mackinac Island, Michigan and Colonial
Michlimackinac in Mackinaw City are National Historic Landmarks. To see
the location of other
Michigan State Parks
in the Mackinac Area click here.

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