Mackinac Island Photos

Mackinac Island Photos

<p>Mackinac Island photos capture the uniqueness, charm and beauty of the Island.   Professional photographers and amateurs alike find endless opportunities to preserve special memories.  We love sharing some of our favorite Mackinac moments with you and we hope that you will enjoy the photographs on this page.  Visit the Island soon and share your photos with us!</p>

Many shops downtown carry beautiful photographs taken by local
professional photographers. You can purchase these in various sizes as
well as in note card form. One local photographer, Nancy May, lives on
the Island year-round and expertly photographs scenes in all seasons.

It seems that there is a photo opportunity at every turn so we always pack a camera when we’re out and about.  Make sure you have one with you too, you will not be sorry!

Mackinac Island Photos

Lilac Festival
time on Mackinac Island

Click here for highlights of the annual Parade Day!

carriage ride

What a beautiful day for a Carriage Ride on the Shore Road.

Freighter in the Straits of Mackinac

East Bluff view of a freighter passing through the Straits of Mackinac.

Sugar Loaf

These two beautiful
pulled our carriage when we spent a wonderful afternoon touring through the State Park. You can see Sugar Loaf in the background.

A walk in the woods.

Woods in the afternoon
Mackinac Island

East Shore Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island east shore line offers a different view than the busy downtown area.  Grab your bike and explore the beauty of the shore.

The beautiful Grand Hotel carriage transports guests during their stay.


Don’t worry about this horse!
He got tangled up and waited patiently to be freed! 

View of sunrise from the East Bluff

View of the town from the East Bluff at sunrise.

Somewhere In Time Cast

Jane Seymour and
James P. Dunnigan
relaxing after a day of
shooting on the set of
“Somewhere In Time”

Gazebo from Somewhere In Time film

“Somewhere In Time”
gazebo located just east of Fort Mackinac.

Bridge view from East Bluff

Cloudy Sunset

Mackinac Bridge
in background

Wildflowers - Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace is just
one example of many
Michigan wildflowers
to be found on the Island.

Michigan State Police

Michigan State Police patrol Mackinac Island.

Fall Day on Mackinac Island

The sound of horses clip-clopping through the scattered
leaves on a crisp fall day is one more reason to visit enchanting
Mackinac Island.

Click here to see more Mackinac Island Photos featuring the beautiful Fall Season.

Spring has sprung! Click here to enjoy
photos of the Island
getting ready for the summer season.

Click here to see more Scenes of the Fall Colors on Mackinac Island.

Consider this video camera for recording your vacation! It is
easy to use and small enough to fit it your pocket when you are
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Photographs on this site are copyrighted by the owner
and may be used only with permission.

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