Mackinac Island Ferry Choices

Mackinac Island Ferry Choices

An Exhilarating Ride
to A Fairy-Tale Setting

2023 Mackinac Island Ferry Rides on Sheplers & Star Line

Your Mackinac Island ferry choices are between three
companies with long histories in serving tourists and
year-round island residents. It’s a fun short 15-minute trip and sets
the stage for your time on this magical Island.


Keep in mind that once you arrive on the Island there are only
horses, carriages or bikes for transportation.

This step back in time makes for a unique and charming setting for your vacation.

The three ferry choices are:

  • Arnold Transit Company (click here for more detailed information)  NOTICE:THIS COMPANY IS TEMPORARILY NOT IN SERVICE FOR 2014.  WATCH FOR UPDATES!
  • Shepler’s Ferry (click here for detailed information)
  • Star Line Ferry info click here.

All three
Mackinac Island ferries have on-line ordering and also right at the dock.

The round-trip tickets
costs are $25 at the ferry dock and $23 online. Children between the
ages of 5 and 12 pay $13 for a round-trip ticket at the ferry dock and
$12 online. Each ferry allows children under the age of 5 to ride free.
Bikes are $9.00 each. There might be some options to save more money,
so, be sure to ask.

Dogs ride free but must
be on a leash at all times and in complete control. Please be aware if
your dog does not care for other dogs, horses, bicycles, crowds or loud
noises, such as, cannons or musket shots, it might be best to keep your
pet at home.

When Kathy takes her two Corgis to the Island, it is always inevitable
that the cannons go off as she walks by the Fort. Well, when that happens, it’s off to
the races with Marty and Hammie dragging Kathy to their Island vacation

It’s quite embarrassing and not fun for her or the dogs. So, be
aware if you are bringing your dog…cannon fire may be heard at anytime!

Marcia has a Cocker Spaniel who can hardly wait to get on a taxi once disembarking the ferry.  She loves putting her nose in the air to experience all the various scents unique to the Island.

Ultimate Guide to Mackinac Island-Mackinac Ferries, Top Sights and More

To get current Mackinac Island Ferry Schedule information, click here.

Consider staying over-night at one of the Island hotels so that you can experience the evening hours as well as the hustle and bustle of the day!

Schedule Revisions | Star Line Mackinac Island Ferry

Mackinac Island Ferry

Insider Tip: If you have someone in your party who
has difficulty in walking, make sure that the Mackinac Island ferry you
choose has the most convenient dock location for your lodging on the
Island or Mainland.  Contact us and we will let you know which dock would
be closest to your destination.

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