Mackinac Island Attractions

Mackinac Island Attractions

Mackinac Island attractions are varied, interesting, and ready to make
your Island vacation a time to remember.

It’s best to have a plan before
arriving on the Island or you will miss so many fun things for your
family to do.

Stroll by beautiful gardens, ride horses, visit the Mackinac Art
Museum, play a round of golf, or learn about butterflies at one of the
Butterfly Houses.

Check out all the following “blocks” to find the perfect plan for your Mackinac Island Vacation.

If you are visiting the Island on a Wednesday, tour the Michigan
Governor’s Summer Residence.

The residence is open for guided tours
during a two hour period every Wednesday morning during the summer
season. This tours is free of charge.         

There are so many things to do
on your Island vacation!

Be sure to visit Fort
It has an abundance of tours and exhibits that are sure to
spike your curiosity and give you hours of entertainment.

The kids will
love it too! There are interactive demonstrations on the Parade Ground throughout the day.

And, there is a great gift shop and the Fort Tea Room,
perfect for partaking of lunch while enjoying a fantastic view!

Fort ticket allows you entrance to all the historic buildings downtown
in addition to the Fort.

It is always fun to sit on the grounds of Marquette Park
where you will often hear music coming from Fort Mackinac.  A fife and
drum duet is a sure favorite!  Frequently during the day, the fort tour
guides will set off a cannon during a demonstration.  This is guaranteed
to cause people who are  relaxing in the park below the fort to jump! 
It always startles me, and I know it is going to happen! 

The State Yacht Dock

is across from Marquette.  There is usually a lot of boating, sailing, and yachting activity, depending on the time of summer.

Mackinac Island Attractions
There is something for everyone!

The downtown area is filled with a variety of shops, galleries,
restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and even a Haunted Theater! It is fun
to sit on one of the benches and watch the horses, carriages and people
pass by.

Don’t miss taking a carriage tour as they are great fun and very
informative. There are also guided walking tours including a ninety
minute night-time Ghost Tour.

There are many beautiful trails and pathways throughout the Island if you enjoy biking and/or walking.  And, there is a road around the edge of the Island where you will find different views around every turn.

Would you like some great travel games for kids?

Read about Mackinac Island Fudge, yummy!

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